I believe passionately in social justice, self-determination, and anti-discriminatory practices. I feel a strong sense of duty in my work with young people and adults, 

I have worked with families who are managing their working lives whilst trying to maintain family relationships under the pressure of COVID-19, and I have observed the extra pressure on relationships, particularly for young people in Singapore, and especially on children experiencing remote learning. 

As a counsellor, I believe in using a culturally competent approach to develop areas of support, andidentify areas of resilience. 

I know that a client’s capacity to flourish is influenced by a wide range of social, psychological, and emotional factors, and I believe that is important understand the issues that a client faces within their own cultural and environmental contexts. I always consider these issues holistically using a range of modalities, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. 

I am a practitioner of Acceptance Commitment Therapy, and I use methods such the Gillick Competency and Assessment Tools, and Beck’s Inventory of Depression and Anxiety when undertaking assessments.

I also use solution-based grief therapy in my work because I believe in a practical “strengths-based” approach to help clients find solutions to their individual challenges.